Electrical problems in house

Common Electrical Problems In Your House

In a survey of registered electricians, a third had seen ELECTRIC shocks caused by botched DIY, with 15% reporting that it had caused an electrical fire.

Half of house fires start in the kitchen.


Turn off any electrical equipment you are not using – especially at night.


Flickering light Does the light flicker?

Aren’t you getting clear, and bright light? There is probably something wrong with the electrical connection or the bulb does not sit on the socket properly. A quick tightening can help, if there is any problem with the bulb, however, if the problem persists, a professional needs to inspect the fixture as well as the connection. Faulty wiring There are higher chances of faulty or redundant wiring if you live in an older house. Since older houses are not equipped with the kind of electrical support that we require today, you may have to get new electrical connections installed. This means a number of new & old wires run side-by-side. There may also be several unneeded wires running behind the wall. Such wire crowd lead to potential fire & shock hazards. Therefore, if you live in an old house or suspect several unneeded are present, get in touch with an experienced electrician and get the electrical system de-cluttered.

DIY Disasters

This is one of the most common problems homeowners face. Often, homeowners take on DIY electrical projects without prior experience and mess up! Attempts to mend the electrical system without professional help, often leads to a complete black-out due to short circuit. Therefore, if you find anything.

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